stop spitting on girls you love

land of talk

“land of talk”” is the latest band to grace my ipod and not wanna leave. the band is a three piece out of canada, monteal to be exact. sounding like a mix between an “extra rockin” cat power and the girlies in broken social scene. in the song “speak to me bones”, you gotta love the mumbling lyrics that sound a bit like, “stop spitting on girls you love”. the album “applause cheer boo hiss”, consists of only seven songs, so you can digest it pretty quickly, make sure to check out the highlights that include “summer special”, “breaxxbaxx”, and “sea foam”.

we were supposed to see these guys open for snowden a few weeks back, but they ended up not playing the show. hopefully we can catch ’em the next time they will be in town, friday march 30th, opening for menomena and field music at johnny brendas. check out their myspace page to hear a few of their tunes, click here.


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/01/16.

2 Responses to “stop spitting on girls you love”

  1. Site is lookin smooth Glynnerdingdangle

  2. thanks for the reply and telling me about the time issue. hope to see one of your posts soon.

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