it sounds so soothing


i have been meaning to tell you about this site for a while. daytrotter is a website and studio based out of rock island, illinois. the website includes record reviews, articles, “best of” lists, interviews, and “daytrotter sessions”. the daytrotter sessions are best described by the website, they explain that bands stop by,

“as they’re traveling through america’s heartland – take two hours out of their travels between shows to stop in for a daytrotter session at futureappletree studio one in downtown rock island, ill. the name of the city is not ironic. they use borrowed instruments, play with their touring mates, utilize a often unkempt toilet, eat some food and then cram back into their vans for the last half of the drive. what they leave behind is a pile of ashes, sometimes a forgotten stocking hat and four absolutely collectible songs that often impart on whomever listens to them the true intensity that these musicians put into their art, sometimes with more clarity than they do when they have months to tinker with overdubs and experiments.”

best of all the music is made available for free download on the site. check it out here. annuals, two gallants, bound stems, page france, sound team, sunset rubdown, bonnie prince billy, cold war kids…and many more are featured on the site. the songs are great quality and you can pop them right on your ipod. below is a link to download a cold war kids daytrotter session song. enjoy.

cold war kids – daytrotter session – we used to vacation

let me know if you are able to download the file, as this is my first attempt at such nonsense.


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/01/17.

2 Responses to “it sounds so soothing”

  1. Good website, listening to the CWK’s right now at work. Good stuff.

  2. thanks for checking back…i am going to try to update this site regularly.

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