its the start of the ending

Dali - Music - The Red Orchestra - The Seven Arts, 1944

in the spirit of the pitchfork infinite mixtape that kept me rocking all of last year. i have decided to start an on going”mixtape” for greater freedom of movement. i am hoping that we can all contribute to this mix and get it to be really dope. pick new songs and old songs alike to be included in the mix, send me an email to tell me about the song and then…each thursday, i will post the next addition to the mixtape.

here we go.

the first song belongs to enon, a band that i tend to really slack on. a few years ago i picked up their album “high society” and could never really get past the song “in this city” (which i really love). turns out there are some really great tunes on “high society” as well as on the other enon albums. recently, i was listening to w.o.x.y. (more on this later) and heard a song that was unmistakeably a badass enon song that i had never heard before. the song comes from their 2005 album “lost marbles and exploded evidence”, the song is “knock that door”, the first song on “groovin’ to the movement vol 1”.

enon – knock that door.mp3

to check out enon on myspace. click here


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/01/18.

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