fishtown ripper

01/19/07 girl talk @ johnny brenda’s, philadelphia.

girl talk 1 girl talk 2

girl talk 3 girl talk 4

girl talk 5 girl talk 6

where to start, where to start.  on friday night, gregg gillis aka girl talk rocked a sold out and impressively packed johnny brendas. it all started as girl talk hopped on the stage in a fresh white sweat suit, greeted the crowd, and pressed a button on his lab top to play the music. within a few seconds the crowd piled onto the stage and girl talk tore into an hour long set. in my opinion the set was much like his album “night ripper” with moments of brilliance, moments of really danceable and fun music, and moments that i just do not really dig (i mean he played “whoop there it is”, i did not like that song in the nineties when it was all the rage, and i certainly do not like it now). that being said, some of the highlights for me included (biggie/elton john, duran duran, raekwon, peter bjorn and john, the clipse, and digital underground). the energy of brendas was great, i have never been to a show with so many people dancing. it was pretty cool to see girl talk take a few stage dives and dance out with the crowd at the end of the show. i just wish the set was a bit longer. overall, i had a pretty great time. if you look closely you can see me in the last photo (bottom edge of picture, blue shirt)

special thanks to for the pictures, big up.


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One Response to “fishtown ripper”

  1. looked like a badass time… really pissed at my situation and that i couldnt go (for my own sake i guess). Thanks for lookin out glynner.

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