sit back, relax…

and listen to some musik. this year is shaping up to be a good one (musikally) with all the good stuff so far and the releases scheduled for the coming months. i decided to compile a list of my most anticipated. feel free to chime in if i missed any. drop me a comment and let me know about your most anticipated album of ’07.

february – bloc party

march – !!!, air, arcade fire, rjd2, land of talk, lcd soundsystem, modest mouse, panda bear, ted leo

april – bright eyes, rosebuds, bill callahan (smog)

may – page france, sea and cake, wilco, voxtrot

july – bjork 

unknown dates- radiohead, pixies, art brut, spoon, new pornographers, interpol, postal service, wolf parade


my most anticipated…

3.radiohead – from what i heard of the new live songs, this should be good.

2.interpol – it has been too long since antics.

1.arcade fire – i am kinda cheating on this one, because i have heard a few songs already…first impressions – this could be a banger!

*lcd and bloc – do not make the list because i have heard them already.

*modest mouse – highly anticipated, highly worried that it is going to be a piece of crap.



~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/02/05.

One Response to “sit back, relax…”

  1. Glynner, I’ve got Neon Bible is you want to take a listen… alls I can say is it’s damn good. Damn good. They might have outdone themselves this time out.

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