02.08.07 midlake

02.08.09 midlake @ north star bar, philadelphia.






last night, “midlake”  the denton, texas, five piece, invaded a ridiculously packed north star bar in philadelphia, armed with the van occupanther mascot, beards, and a projection system. their performance solidified my decision to call “the trials of van occupanther”, my 4th favorite album of the ’06. the band played most of the tunes from the album, and the songs translated well live. we were treated to an entertaining new song and some really cool older songs (“ballon maker” and “some of them were superstitious”). highlights of the show included “head home”, “ballon maker”, and of course, “young bride”. although, “young bride” could have benefited from either sampled or live violin. without the violin, it just seemed to be missing something. overall, i had a great time and look forward to checking into the band’s older material and keeping an eye on their next move. i highly recommend checking out “the trails of van occupanther”, if you have not done so yet. you can also hear some more of their songs here.

the opening band, st.vincent, also from texas put on a nice show. i had heard alot about st. vincent, but had never heard or seen her. another one to keep an eye on. check her out here.








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  1. […] the band has tons of shows scheduled, but none in the philadelphia area. hopefully that will change because they do a nice job live. remember this one. […]

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