they’re back


well it has been a long wait but modest mouse is back with a new album “we were dead before the ship even sank”. the album is slated for a march 20th release. after, marinating on their highly disappointing last album “good news for people who love bad news” and the forgettable new single “dashboard”, i have to say that i was very sceptical of the new album, but after my initial listens, i am very pleased with “we were dead”. although, i believe that the days of “the moon and antarctica” are long gone and that modest mouse has transformed into a more pop and radio friendly band, i do see some elements of the “old” modest mouse on the new album. songs like “missed the boat” have that trademark modest mouse guitar, “march into the sea”, “parting of the sensory”, and “little motel” have more depressing and emotional lyrics then the songs on the last album, and it seems that issac’s screaming is back in order.

i do however think that this album is too long and a bit disjointed. it also has its unremarkable songs, but overall, i am happy that i am enjoying another quality album from one of my favorite bands. i am interested to hear the reviews of this album. i have a feeling that alot of people are going to like the album and that just as many people are going to trash it. we will see.

check out their websites here, here, and here. and presale info for the album can be found here.

~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/02/19.

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