02.20.06 malajube / snowden

02.20.06 malajube / snowden @ johnny brendas, philadelphia.

maljube brought it with their set at johnny brendas. i was very impressed with their live show. they threw in some instrumental bangers, some of my favorites from the new album, and some of my “new” favorites from the new album. they were also very funny, talking about the montreal canadians, the rocky statue, and cream cheese. during a break to re-tune a guitar, the keyboardist / vocalist busted out a song about philadelphia cream cheese as the drummer and one of the guitarists added a funky beat. good stuff. highlights of the show included “montreal” and the closer, “etienne d’aout” (a song i overlook on the album, no more).

after a nice opening set, snowden took the stage. last time we saw snowden, there was hardly anyone in the crowd, but last night johnny brendas was a bit more populated. the bigger crowd added to the energy of the show. i feel that their last show was a bit flat and uninspired. do not get me wrong, the last show was good, but i was just expecting more. tonight, i got more, they rocked it!


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/02/20.

2 Responses to “02.20.06 malajube / snowden”

  1. I think Snowden was better the last time they played jB’s, this time they only played for 35 minutes and only one encore song…boo!. Malajube was incredible!!

  2. you are right, it was a short set. i just feel like there was something missing last time. did they add an extra band memeber this time around?

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