pitch a rainbow

2007 has already been an interesting year in terms of new music. so far this year, i am noticing that my tastes are ever changing. in the past, i have heard the hype about the greatness of the “animal collective” albums and i saw “boris” on a ton of end of year lists, but i could never get into those types of bands. “animal collective” was just too out there for me and i was hesitant to check out “boris” a band described as metal.

over the past few weeks i have been reverting back to two albums in particular (boris and michio kurihara – “rainbow” and panda bear – “person pitch”). on “rainbow”, boris is not so much metal as it is droning guitar, interesting singing, and melody. on “person pitch”, panda bear is not totally out there, so much as he is chanting, repetition, and funky pop songs (see – take pills). i guess part of the fun of music is taking a chance and branching out to listen to something different and possibly liking it. check out boris here and panda bear here.


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/02/20.

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