so i was strolling through the blogosphere this evening and came across the band apollo sunshine and noticed that they are playing a show in wilmington, delaware. i thought that it was interesting for a band scheduled to play the langerado music festival and the bonnaroo music festival to make a stop in wilmington. i was also surprised to see that wilmington had a live music venue in mojo 13. although i do not recognize any of the bands on their schedule (other than the spinto band, playing 03.29.07) i was pretty excited to see that there is a rock venue in wilmington. it would be nice to see more of our bands play good ol’ delaware. after all, one of my all time concert moments happened in delaware…it is hard to beat, jim james of my morning jacket, singing “i will be there when you die” without a mic, on the stage of the stone ballon in newark delaware. does anyone remember that one?

by the way, both langerado and bonnaroo have some pretty nice lineups. maybe we should replace chicago with florido or tennessee. 


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/02/22.

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