old’s house

Dali - Music - The Red Orchestra - The Seven Arts, 1944

another week, another edition of “goovin’ to the movement vol 1”. this week’s song comes from greater freedom of movement, writer, oldie. as one could probably tell by the name (oldie), he wanted to see some older stuff that hasn’t been dusted off in a while included on the mix. his entry is “need it just a little” by the fruitbats. this song brings me back to my days on the rez in utah, jamming this song on the old deserted roads, and looking up at more stars in the sky then i had ever seen before. oldie, your insight?

groovin’ to the movement – tracklist

1. enon – knock that door.mp3

2. can – mushroom.mp3

3. grizzly bear – knife (girl talk remix).mp3

4. matt and kim – 5k.mp3

5. fujiya & miyagi – transparent things.mp3

6. fruitbats – need it just a little.mp3


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/02/22.

One Response to “old’s house”

  1. Fruitbats, represent! Thanks for the love Glynnerfangdangle, it’s lookin like a dank mix of tunes. Shaka-nar-nar bra!

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