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i found a really extensive site that contains the release dates and potential release dates for a goggle of new music in 2007. check it out here. i thought it would be fun to make a prediction as to what your most anticipated album of the year would be, so here we go…

oldie – crowded house

mark – guns and roses

gordo – maroon 5

billips – coldplay

viar – duran duran

corey – tori amos

kyle – aerosmith

ryland – kid rock

scott – oasis

jim – moby

dustin – panic at the disco


ok my real predictions…


oldie – spoon / iron and wine

mark – postal service / radiohead

gordo – interpol / wrens / wolf parade

billips – radiohead / stars / band of horses

viar – interpol

corey – unkle / m.i.a.

kyle – animal collective  

ryland – mf doom and ghostface / common

scott – wilco

jim – white stripes

dustin – the national

i am dead on, aren’t i?


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/02/25.

5 Responses to “my predictions”

  1. Looks pretty dead on to me. Although I didn’t even know Interpol had a new album coming out, but I am now anticipating it!
    Radiohead looks like another I am excited to hear.


  2. as usual… yes.

  3. Glynneroundtherosie your extra-sensory perception is phenominal. Add Radiohead to the list and you got me pegged

  4. I didn’t even know the Stripes were dropping a new disc. But I’m damn excited for that, Wilco and Radiohead (anyone seen Korn’s cover of Creep? It was, well, creepy [which brings up another question: if youre an aging, chubby 35-40 year old nu-metal rocker guy, isn’t it time to cut the nappy dreads?]) as with pretty much everything on that list.

  5. […] over at Greater Freedom tried to predict which albums this year members of his entourage were most looking forward to.  […]

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