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the latest release from patrick wolf “the magic position” is on constant rotation here at g.f.o.m. headquarters. wolf, a south londoner, marks his third proper release with this album. with its orchestral feel, its brilliant moments of crushing beats, and its expansive pop songs, “magic” is an interesting listening experience. sit back and let the beautiful piano, strings, and guitar take you to another place. but do not get too lost, because you will miss your chance to groove to some of the albums more danceable tracks. i highly recommend this disc, check out some of the tunes here and here. below, one of my favorites from the album…

patrick wolf – accident & emergency.mp3

in related news, milky tried out for “the magic position” album cover but did not make the cut. we have an exclusive picture of the photo shoot here.

better luck next time bro…


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/03/02.

2 Responses to “magic”

  1. Wow, that Patrick Wolf song is really good, I will be grabbing that tonight!

    BTW….I won Badly drawn boy tickets for tomorrow at the TLA!

  2. F’ing hilarious! Don’t we all dream of riding the haunted rocking horse in the attic?

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