cidade de deus


searching around today on my constant search for new music, i came across…”city of god”. this film is one of the most incredible movies that i have seen in a long while. the movie is set in the “cidade de deus” neighborhood of rio de jeneiro and follows the life of busca-pé in this very violent area. it has been a while since i have seen this film, but i can tell you that watching it is a very powerful experience. not to be missed by fans of the gangster/gang/violent movie types. the movie has subtitles the trailer does not.


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/03/07.

3 Responses to “cidade de deus”

  1. Great Film….if you dig that, check out The Constant Gardener…The thermals were so good last night, they played like 3 songs in an hour ….looking forward to of montreal tomorrow

  2. I mean 30 songs!

  3. d, constant gardener is also very good! sounds like good times at the thermals show. where would you recommend that i start out to try to get into the thermals? i do not know where to begin.

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