old news

a few weeks ago, g.f.o.m writter oldie aka oldy aka old had a great idea for the site. he proposed a new feature called old news. for this feature, oldie intends to dig up some older music containing songs from a different perspective. including deep cuts of old stuff (floyd circa syd barret, etc.). oldie also has a few other tricks up his sleeve as well. but you see, oldie, being old and all (alzheimers, maybe? / retirement, another possibility) forgot about this wonderful feature. so i decided to start up the thread, hoping that this would get us rolling…

talking heads. now i know most the readers of g.f.o.m could probably school me on the talking heads. except for those ever-popular radio hits like “take me to the river”, “and she was” and “burning down the house “, i really do not know much about them. but lately, and randomly (i might add), i will be listening to xpn on the radio and it just so happens that a very cool talking heads song is playing. so over the past few months i have began to realize that the talking heads are a pretty damn cool band. case in point this song here…

talking heads – uh-oh, love comes to town.mp3

old, i hope i did not butcher your idea for old news, let me know what you think.


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/03/07.

2 Responses to “old news”

  1. Yeah Glynnrocker I’m sure glad I’ve got you around to help me keep my sanity. I think the idea is kick ass and should allow for greater freedom of movement. My problem is that, being rather old, I sometimes need a helping hand or a walker or erectile disfunction medication to get me through the day and I’m ok with that. That’s why it’s good to have a guy like you on my team. I say lets roll with the idea and I’ll contribute as often as possible assuming, of course, that my frequent bouts of dementia don’t worsen and send me back to my happy fun place.

  2. awesome song! do you know (nothing but) flowers? that’s a really great song.

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