beautiful life

Coltrane - Giant Steps Coltrane - A Love Supreme Miles Davis - Bitches Brew

The Books - The Lemon of Pink Album Leaf - One Day I'll Be on Time Max Richter -  The Blue Notebooks

over the past few weeks, i have been reading alot. nothing else to do these days. when i am reading i tend to throw on some jazz music or something instrumental as a sort of soundtrack to my books. so i got to thinking about some of my favorite “reading music”. these are a few of the albums few, some of which are becoming my favorite albums. i mean, have you guys heard “bitches brew”, that album is one some other worldly / before its time shit. if anyone has any recommendations for jazz or instrumental music, i would love to hear them.

just recently i have gotten into gui boratto, specifically his album “chromophobia” (see right sidebar). this album is all instrumental techno / dance music, save for the standout cut “beautiful life”. at first, i kinda wish the album had more vocals but now i am starting to appreciate it for what it is. it is now included on my “reading music” list. hopefully i will be jammin to this stuff in a crowded club in madrid just a few days from now! beautiful life blaring at 2 am in the madrid clubs, here is to wishing.

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gui boratto – beautiful life.mp3



~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/03/12.

One Response to “beautiful life”

  1. The books are awesome, best show of 2006…will you be going to see them in April, I will be there!

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