the odawas. it seems like i am a day late and a dollar short when it comes to this music game. i just found about these guys, a few weeks ago, and started to get into their album “the aether eater” when others are ranting about their newest album “raven and the white night”. as i have yet to hear the new one, i have no comment, but i am becoming increasingly interested in their old one. its out there and all over the place, for sure, with its spacey moments, fuzzy noises, a lead singer that at times reminds me of neil young, crazy medieval pianno, a neat story in the middle of the disc, and some great jazz licks, all contribute to an album that flows nicely from begining to end. although it is not the type of album that you will throw on at a party, it is still and interesting listen. the band comes from indianapolis, their myspace profile describes them as a folk / psychedelic / lounge band. you make the call. the band is on the jagjauar label, with some other interesting bands (besnard lakes, okkervil river, oneida, and nurse and soldier).

odewas – song of temptations.mp3


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/03/13.

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  1. […] mentioned this band in passing the other day. all of the sudden, i am quite enthralled by besnard lakes and the new album “are the dark […]

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