jube’in to the movement

Dali - Music - The Red Orchestra - The Seven Arts, 1944

ever since the malajube show a few weeks back, i keep coming back to the song e’tienne d’aout. i figure we could add a little more international flare to groovin’ to the movement with the addition of some french. if you can get past the fact that the vocals are in french your are in for a treat with malajube’s album “trompe l’oeil. the movement continues…

groovin’ to the movement – tracklist

1. enon – knock that door.mp3

2. can – mushroom.mp3

3. grizzly bear – knife (girl talk remix).mp3

4. matt and kim – 5k.mp3

5. fujiya & miyagi – transparent things.mp3

6. fruitbats – need it just a little.mp3

7. muscles – ice cream.mp3

8. patrick wolf – magic position.mp3

9. malajube – e’tienne d’aout.mp3

(new feature alert) – on the right side of the site, scroll down to the blogroll, click on groovin’ to the movement vol 1. (playlist), you will be taken to a new site, with a streaming audio player (playing groovin’ to the movement). i hope to eventually have the player embedded on the g.f.o.m site but for now you have to check it out on another site.


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/03/15.

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