besnard lakes

i mentioned this band in passing the other day. all of the sudden, i am quite enthralled by besnard lakes and the new album “are the dark the horse”. it was one of those albums that did not stick at first. but after a few listens i am pretty impressed. we have another montreal band on our hands, they even recorded their album in the same studio as g.f.o.m favorites wolf parade and sunset rubdown. besnard lakes are drawing comparisons to the likes of the beach boys, pink floyd, my bloody valentine, and the mommas and the popas. although, i think they can be likened to a more atmospheric band of horses. members of the dears and stars make guest appearances on the album. checka check it out.

besnard lakes – devastation.mp3

~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/03/16.

One Response to “besnard lakes”

  1. Hi This is Abe at Jagjaguwar. I found your blog today and I’d be happy to talk to you about our bands, and send some more info your way. We have a strict mp3 policy and the tracks for both Odawas and Besnard Lakes need to be taken down. please email me and I will explain further. thanks

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