daydream nation

Daydream Nation

well…its official. the pitchfork music festival just got really, really good. as i predicted, sonic youth will be playing their classic album, “daydream nation” in its entirety on the opening night of the festival. should be good times! pitchfork has yet to announce the two remaining bands that will also be playing their classic albums that night. which brings up the question….which band and what album would you most like to see at the opening night of the pitchfork music festival. i cannot wait to hear your responses. i have to think about this one, i will get back to you.

~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/03/16.

6 Responses to “daydream nation”

  1. enter the wu-tang

  2. ah, the wu…that would be nice.
    radiohead “kid a”
    modest mouse “moon”

  3. dj shadow entroducing

  4. im predicting my bloody valentine

  5. good one gordo….
    nmh “in the aeroplane over the sea”
    uncle tupelo “anodyne”

  6. uncle tupelo, i will have to check that out.

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