another resource for good stuff


check out regnyouth archives for some good, random stuff if your looking for a new resource of music and musical insight.  for some of us this site is familiar and was a staple a year or two ago before it went down due to laws and restrictions.  well the b.s. has been cleared and the site is back and better than ever.  the moderator has been at it for a while now and he has an interesting point-of-view as well as an extensive knowledge of music in general.  he posts links to albums of pretty much any genre you can think of, from alt-country to world music and everything in between.  the site is updated daily and, along with links to the albums, he provides an intellegent commentary for most posts.  i check this site and download from it probably 2-3 times a week.  Besides providing the standard studio lp’s, many rare finds/b-sides/live cuts are offered.  add this site to your fav list as it could be a valuable asset for expanding your musical horizon.


~ by olde on 2007/03/20.

One Response to “another resource for good stuff”

  1. a great resource that i totally forgot about, thanks for bringing it back to my attention

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