evolution of a band

today i got to thinking about the growth that i have witnessed over the years in certain bands. in 96′ i saw the legendary roots crew open for the beastie boys. in 98′ i had the opportunity to see (an unknown at the time) modest mouse open for beck in washington, d.c.

now look at the roots (one of the seminal bands in hip hop) and the (chart toping) modest mouse. back in the day one could see these bands rock a small venue in philly, now they are selling out the electric factory.

in 2005-2006, tapes n’ tapes were all the rage around the blogging world. i first saw tapes in front of maybe 40 people at the fire in philadelphia on 01.10.06, five months later they sold out the church in philadelphia on 06.07.06 in front of a few hundred, and a month after that they hit the stage at the pitchfork festival in chicago in front of a few thousand.

which brings me to my point (if there is a point). page france a self proclaimed marching band from maryland, may be that next band to take the evolutionary step. i have been digging on this band for a while now, but have not heard my friends talk about them much. page is in the same vein as bands like the fruitbats, rogue wave or maybe an iron and wine, with their indie, folky, poppy sound. their album “hello, dear wind” released in 2006 was an album that did not make my top 20, but was still highly regarded. you can check it out here.

the band is slated to release a new album “page france and the family telephone” in the next couple of months. be sure to check them out in phildelphia when they play johnny brendas on 04.15.07. so i ask, can page france go from the fire to brendas to pitchfork music festival?

page france – glue.mp3


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/03/21.

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