the wayback machine

ok, not much of a post on some hip new band or album release… so bare with me.  ever wondered what meager beginnings a site came from or the progressions they have made since their beginnings??!  if so then this would be the site to check out… its pretty interesting to see, lets say… what pitchfork’s site looked like when they first started out or say randomthoughtslive (shameless plug for me, sorry). 

anyway, the parent site ( has some really great live shows in mp3/lossless/flac formats all for download.  check’em out, i’m sure all you “tocoolforskewl” dudes will still manage to find something that you’ll like…


~ by fraggle_rock on 2007/03/22.

5 Responses to “the wayback machine”

  1. Yo, a guy I work with turned me onto this website,

    It’s pretty cool, almost like custom radio. I just signed up for it. You put in a band you like and it tunes you to a station that plays that band and many others similar to it.

    Anyway…you guys should check it out.

  2. Check out that radio site quickly cause it might not be around much longer. They’re talking about new legislation to completely wipe out internet radio. The archive does have tons of good crap, definitely worth a gander fraggle.

  3. thanks cory for helping me waste my day. ive been on that damn site forever trying to find that perfect show.

  4. damn dudes, where are ya? where are all the updates?

  5. relax glynner… remember youre on vacation, right?!

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