decemberists @ the tower 3/27

thanks to nwolaniuk @ flickr

The Crane Wife 3 >
July, July!
The Soldiering Life
The Infanta
The Bachelor and the Bride
Yankee Bayonet
Culling Of The Fold
The Legionnaire’s Lament
O Valencia!
16 Military Wives
The Island
When The War Came
Mariner’s Revenge Song
Southern Girls (Cheap Trick)

so i arrived at the tower @ 9:30 thinking ‘my brighest diamond’ would play for a little more then an hour… boy was i wrong.  as im in line for a beer (of course) i can hear colin and crew on stage already performing, and much to my disappointment it was ‘yankee bayonet’… i had already missed the first five songs.  anyway, thats not even the half of it.  as i walked through the curtains, i see rows and rows of people just sitting down like theyre at some movie…  it wasnt until ‘o valencia’ that people started standing up and finally having a good time.  the music was on point through out the show!  their encore started at 10:15, couldnt believe how early it was, though ‘mariner’s revenge’ was pretty damn good… and to close out the night, colin took center stage all alone and played ‘southern girls’ (never heard him play before).  all in all the show was ok, not great…  i think it had a lot to do with the venue, cause the sound a energy of ‘the decemberists’ themselves was really tight.

on another note, i have tickets to see ‘arcade fire’ in may @ the tower and im not sure how thats gonna work out??!?!!  who the hell wants to go to a concert and sit down like youre at the movies… get the fuck up and party!!


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  1. added bonus… just found. colin played solo 1/28 in VA and npr’s ‘all songs considered’ webcasted it live. its not supposed to be available for download but they (npr that is) failed to actually remove the file from there servers… so, here. shhh… (right click, save target as)

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