i’m big in europe

i am back in town. the trip to spain was incredible, but i am glad to be back to the comforts of the states. i was so busy moving around spain that i neglected to listen to much music while i was there. updates of the site will continue as i get back to the swing of things musically. looks like alot has happened since i left. any new music that i should be aware of?

these pics have nothing to do with music, but do however have a lot to do with greater freedom of movement.

malaga in southern part of spain on the mediterranean sea was a big surprise and highlight of my trip. big city atmosphere with tons of beaches, parties, and good food.

ronda a white village in the hills of southern spain was probably my favorite place that i visited. it was a prototypical european town seemingly untouched by modern society. winding and narrow streets, bullring, stone walkways, old bridges, etc.

granada a cool little town on the footsteps of the snow capped, sierra nevada mountain range.  home of the alhambra a magnificent palace and fortress built in the 1200 – 1300’s. although the palace was wonderful, it left us virtually no time to explore the town of granada which has bars that offer free food with drinks and the gypsy caves. i hope to go back some day. picture = alhambra

nerja my least favorite town but none the less pretty cool. the place is very touristy and has mad massive changes to make it a more modern /  resort type area. great beaches and views though.

sevilla is a big city with a small town feel. its fairly large but intelligently designed. everything, i mean everything is within walking distance. their is a wonderful cathedral, the plaza de espana, and great places to hang out and eat and drink. picture = plaza de espana.

salamanca a medium sized college town a few hours west of madrid (home to the most magnificent plaza in all of spain, i have heard). i had very high expectations for this place and was a bit let down, which may have had something to do with the weather – very cold and rainy (i did not even have a coat with me). the cold put a damper on my visit but the plaza made up for it. picture = plaza mayor

madrid the big, big city and capital of spain. i was a bit thrown off by this city because each time i was on the metro i was worned by nice girls to watch my bag. you see, madrid has a lofty reputation for pickpockets. so i was on edge about my belongings. turns out that i was never mugged or robbed, but there are some shady characters in the city. overall it is a cool place but it is big, noisy, in some casses dirty, and there is a ton of graffeti. picture = retiro park

~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/04/04.

5 Responses to “i’m big in europe”

  1. glad to hear you made it back safe… looks like you got to see and do alot of pretty cools things.

  2. Welcome back to the mix glynner-of-espana, the movement has missed you.

  3. to know more about andalucia and nerja

  4. thanks oscar, are you from nerja?

  5. Hi again. Sorry for my delay anwering. No I am not from Nerja, but living in Andalucia, and I know a bit that area. Enought to say that is a very nice place for holidays. Nerja Caves are a very “great” nature spectacle…. don’t miss them if you are around there.

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