album of the year?

can we here at g.f.o.m declare panda bear’s ‘person pitch’ our album of the year in the beginning of april?  well, the opinions are in after a few weeks to digest the album and i have to say that we are loving it. panda bear (noah lennox of animal collective) has created an album that is both accessible and experimental with its looping segments, moments of harmony, and beats for days. it seems that ‘person pitch’ has something for everyone.

g.f.o.m collaborator gordon lightfoot says, “everytime a get a few beers in me, i have to run to hear panda bear”.

baltimore correspondent styles p. says, “person pitch is some of the catchiest shit i have ever heard, i find myself humming panda bear songs while i am listening to other music”.

well there you have it, the experts have spoken. what do you thing?

~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/04/11.

One Response to “album of the year?”

  1. I am standing by LCD soundsystem as my favorite…although I believe the best of 2007 has yet to be released!

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