the nature of my experiment

as some of you may know, i am allergic to wheat which puts me in a bad spot regarding one of my favorite pastimes…having a nice cold beer. i found out the other day that there are about 3 us. beer companies producing wheat and gluten free beer. you can imagine how excited i was to hear the news. today, i was able to track down one of them at the liquor store. redbridge beer made by anheuser-busch.

there is a longstanding joke between me and my good buddies who affectionately call a really bad hangover, the glynner hangover. overtime, i have come to believe that the hangovers are so severe due to my allergy to the main ingredient in beer (wheat). who would have thought? well tonight i am setting up the experiment to end all experiments. i am going to find out once and for all if my horrible hangovers are caused by my allergy or if i am just a lightweight that cannot drink. i am voting for the latter. we shall see. i am chilling the brews as we speak.


thanks to g.f.o.m guru fragle rock, we are up and running with the mp3s. i added a mother mother song to the post below. feel free to check it out. as always, if you like what you hear support the artists by buying their albums or attending their shows!


if we here at g.f.o.m had a song of the week, this would be it. for best results crank it way up in your head phones, car, or house party.

the field – over the ice.mp3 


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/04/14.

3 Responses to “the nature of my experiment”

  1. my vote is definitely for the latter of the two… theres nothin wrong with a cheap date, l.w.glynner.

  2. yo glynner…how’d the taste test go?

  3. as any good scientist will tell ya, you need to conduct more than one experiment to come to conclusive results. good news for me…more drinking to do. the taste tests went well. the beer is actually pretty good, i was expecting a light tasting beer, but it was actually fairly heavy and tasty. no sign of the infamous glynner hangover. so far so good. the research continues…

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