meet the forkers (4)

with pitchfork announcing more and more bands for the festival this july, i need to step up my game on the meet the forkers feature. this weeks forkers are klaxons from the uk. this band has been garnering madd support over seas and seem to be very popular in england. in the states however, it seems that people are just starting to notice klaxons. with the release of their album “myths of the near future”, a current us. tour, and their scheduled appearance on this summer’s festival circuit, things may be changing for the band.

the band has a dance /  rock sound recalling such bands as !!! and the rapture. so if you like a little dance with your rawk music, than this band is for you. check them out here and here.

standout cuts on the “myths of the near future” release include ‘golden skans’, ‘isle of her’, and ‘gravity’s rainbow’. check out the remix of gravity’s rainbow, below.

klaxons – gravity’s rainbow(nightmoves remix).mp3  


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/04/16.

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