second guessing

in rocking around the net today, i was bombarded by modest mouse. you see the boys started the west coast leg of a tour that will take them across the country, through canada, and to europe before it all ends late in august. i saw pictures of last night’s show in seatle, came across a setlist, read a few reviews, found a modest mouse mashup, and got the scoop on some band is the setlist from last night.

07/15/07 modest mouse @ paramount theater, seatle, wa. 

Bury Me With It 
Black Cadillacs 
Paper Thin Walls 
Fire It Up 
Trailer Trash (Extended)
Missed The Boat 
Doin’ The Cockroach (Extended)
Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes 
We’ve Got Everything 
Float On 
The View 
Ocean Breathes Salty 
Spitting Venom (Extended)
Lucky Me Again (Lyric Tease)

i found it to be an interesting setlist in that they are playing some older tunes even though they are fresh of the release of a new album. i would have liked to see some tunes off of “long drive”, but overall it seemed like a pretty nice set. after reading a few of the reviews of their past few live shows, i am starting to second guess my decision to see pb&j instead of modest mouse. it would be really cool to rock out at a modest mouse show. but it is the electric factory they are playing and maybe they will make it back to philadelphia next fall.

in other mouse news, it looks like there may be an ep. in the works for songs that did not make the cut on “we were dead…” so keep your eyes out for that one. if you are like me and will be missing modest mouse on their upcoming tour. be sure to catch them on lettermen on 05.01 and on ferguson on 05.16. and below the modest mouse / lil wayne mash up, courtesy of the hood internet.

modest mouse / ‘lil wayne – fire it up, firemouse.mp3 

~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/04/16.

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