those was the days

tiny mix tapes is reporting that operation ivy’s album “energy” originally released in 1989 is getting remastered and reissued on 05.01.07. hearing the news brought me back to my high school days when i first heard the album. man, we used to jam that one back in the day. i cannot believe that the album is almost 20 years old. that realization is making me feel old.

as i think back, operation ivy may be one of the main reasons that i am into to the type of music that i listen to today. before i got into the punk rock music scene of rancid, nofx, operation ivy, etc. i was a hip-hop music fan, through and through. my hip hop upbringing is a whole ‘nother story to be explored some other time. but getting into this different type of music (punk), really expanded my musical tastes and pushed me to seek out different types of music.

today, i was able to go back and listen to some of “energy”. the album still has some bangers and a few songs that really resinate in today’s society. especially the war protest song ‘unity’. and my personal favorite ‘sound system’ which really describes to a tee, the reason that music is so important.

but overall, i believe that mango star of tiny mix tapes says it best, “one time I played “bombshell” for this cute girl in my german class, and I swear her left boob touched my elbow when the bell rang. accident? fucking doubt it!!

if you have never heard this album or band, i highly recommed seeking them out. and who knows, you may run into a left boob in the process.

operation ivy – unity.mp3 


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/04/17.

2 Responses to “those was the days”

  1. still rockin out to it… been on my pod from the begining. not sure that it needs to be remastered though, i like the original recording personally.

  2. big city was my fav song….

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