i’d go to lunch wit’ im

04.17.07 ghostland observatory @ northstar bar, philadelphia

on wednesday evening, the crew (b.i., cure rock, mr. lightfeet, and myself) saw the austin, texas, two piece, ghostland observatory live and in the flesh. over the past few months, i had heard rumblings about this band but had never actually listened to them. we did however have a tough decision to make because her hotness, st. vincent was playing the same night across town at johnny brendas.

in the end, mr. lightfeets desire to move his feet won out, and we decided to check out ghostland observatory. i am glad we did. ghostland’s live show turned out to be a pretty good time. the band threw out some really danceable and groovin’ traks that kept the small but appreciative crowd happy. ghostland observatory’s lead singer sporting some tight ass jeans, long braided hair, and some spastic dance steps, really added some excitement to the show. ghostland’s only other member, dawning a cape, provided the percussion. he rocked some sort of drum machine and also kicked it on a tradition drum set.

i would definatly recommend checking out this band if they roll through your town. check out a few tunes here.

exclusive conversation heard at the show…

b.i. – “this lead singer is pretty crazy, look at those moves”.

mr. feet – “i’d go to lunch with him”.

special thanks to michele schaffer aka bubblemonkey for the use of her pictures of the show. check her photos out here.


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/04/19.

2 Responses to “i’d go to lunch wit’ im”

  1. Awesome. I wish my camera would have been able to capture some of Aaron’s dance moves.

  2. hey, thanks for stoping by the site! those moves were something else alright.

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