remember the fraggle??!!

for some reason ive been thinkin’ about this badass hbo series back in the 80’s lately… maybe some of you remember it??!! i know i do cause comin’ up through the years you fukers toyed with my name. anyway, just bullllshittttin’… i came across it on youtube and well… you take a look and let me know. i used to luv this damn show and now that i look back at it, its pretty twisted!!

what can i say, im very busy at work… obviously.

~ by fraggle_rock on 2007/04/19.

3 Responses to “remember the fraggle??!!”

  1. Dude, I so remember the Fraggles… that shit was like a bad dream. I think one of the Zappa brothers are turning it into a movie, using all the old Jim Henson puppets.

  2. ah the fraggles…good stuff indeed.

  3. yeah due to be out in ’09 i think…

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