i’m speechless

i officially do not know what to say. pitchfork announced this evening that the gza, gza, genius will be performing his classic album ‘liquid swords” on the opening night of the pitchfork music festival. as ‘liquid swords’ is one of my all-time favorite hiphop albums, i must say that i am pretty geeked. in my opinion one could include gza’s classic album in with the likes of notorious big’s ‘ready to die”, nas’s ‘illmatic’, tupac’s ‘all eyes on me’, common’s ‘one day it will all make sense’, and outkast’s ‘ATLiens’, as some of the best hip hop albums, period.


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/04/20.

2 Responses to “i’m speechless”

  1. Yeah, Pitchfork is really working their asses off to make this year’s festival good. I prefer Enter The Wu over Liquid Swords though.

  2. i lean more to ‘liquid swords’ as my favorite wu album, but i hear you with ‘etu’ (very good in its own right) thanks for stopping by the site, will you be making it out to chi-town this summer?

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