smd – beats to make ya bounce

simian mobile disco 

simian mobile disco hale from london, uk.  the duo of james ford & jas shaw have been turning out some pretty groovin’ electro psychedelic tunes…  the kind that make ya want to get up and move.  coming off the same label as bloc party, their single “its the beat” looks to be pretty bangin, check it out on their myspace page

check out a few of their previous tunes from past albums:

“hustler” (2006)

“And lastly, here’s our old pal “Tits & Acid”, a “debaucherous dance ditty” originally posted this past October in News, and still every bit a scorcher.” – via pitchforkmedia
“tits and acid” (2006)

lastely a little remix i came across
“justice vs smd – we are your friends”


~ by fraggle_rock on 2007/04/20.

2 Responses to “smd – beats to make ya bounce”

  1. nice. i did not know that you were into smb. i have been jamming “hustler” and “it’s the beat”…good tunes. recently, i was able to dig up a few smd remixes. i will let you know how they are.

  2. These guys are groovy, the new album sounds like a hitter

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