today started out with me looking at my ipod and two boxes of flowers that needed to be delivered. you see, i had about 3 hours of driving ahead of me and could not choose the driving music. that is when, g.f.o.m collaborator lightfeet, stepped in with some advice. he suggested listening to moviola (a band that we were jamming back in the days of utah and ups, but that is another story). anyway, i did as the gord suggested and had a great drive with the alt/country rockers 2001 “rumors of the faithful” so, tomorrow, if you are in need of some good ole, sunny day, driving music…consider some moviola. i did, and look where it got me.

although the band does not have a myspace because they think it is “lame”. you can check them out here and download a few of their tunes here.


i promised you random-ness, so here we go.

if you need more of an alt/country/ rock fix (never would have guessed these guys were from london), check out the band alberta cross. good stuff. check out the banger ‘the thief and the heartbreaker’ and grab the disc when it is released may 7.

alberta cross – the thief and the heartbreaker.mp3

hot chip / dj kicks will be releasing a new album some time this month. some of which can be heard here. i hear that positive k’s “i gotta man” can be found in the mix. you all remember that one right?

 the beastie boys are preping a new album. looks like the new one is a departure from the hip-hop of their last album. i for one am interested to hear this as i was not that impressed with their last effort. i know the boys have skills, i just hope that they can still bring it.

i guess we are not that special after all. looks like pitchfork is not the only time that sonic youth is playing ‘daydream nation’. nyc and (i believe) london, will receive the daydream treatment as well.

and finally. my weekend of good times is about to begin. tomorrow night i get to see peter bjorn and john, fujiya and miyagi, and au revior simone. and then saturday the national and arcade fire. i promise to take pictures!


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/05/02.

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