not my cup of tea

05/03/07 peter bjorn and john / fujiya and miyagi @ the fillmore, philadelphia.

alright, so i lied. i did not bring my camera to the show. i just did not feel like lugging around that thing only to end up with crappy pictures. so needless to say, we have no pictures of the peter bjorn & john / fujiya & miyagi show. thanks to another flickr friend, caramaralyn, we have some great pictures from the show.

i was very excited for this show. i mean getting to see two bands, each one headliner material, now that’s a good show. and i gotta say both  pb&j’s “writer’s block” and f & m’s “transparent things” are some pretty amazing albums. well my hopes were up for this one but i came away let down. fujiya and miyagi were good but the sound was muffled and you could not really hear their vocals. good set but disappointing at the same time.

as for pb&j. i was just not feeling it. maybe it was just an off night for me, maybe it was just an off night for them, maybe i read to many of these… and 2. for what ever reason the show did not live up to the hype for me. one major problem is that they changed up the pace of a few of their awesomest songs. ‘amsterdam’ was striped down and slowed down into an almost acoustic song. i was hoping to dance my ass off to that song, instead i stood there wondering what the hell they did to one of my favorite songs on “writer’s block”. a few other times, pb&j played different versions of their songs that were just not as good as the original songs. this really put a damper on the whole show…in my opinion.

and the encore…they played a good song but a slow song followed by an older song, followed by me leaving before the show was over. it just did not seem to make any sense. i mean an encore should be an upbeat ending to a show.  i am sure that other people had fun at this show, i was just not one of them. i know that peter bjorn and john are a good and talented band but my first experience with the live pb&j left me walking away wanting more, way more.

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4 Responses to “not my cup of tea”

  1. I have to disagree, I thought that BPJ were great, one of the better shows I have seen this year so far. I really like how that changed the tempo of thier songs. I have had writers block for almost a year now and thought that if they would have played the songs like album version it would have been boring. Although, the amsterdam version they played was not very good.

  2. i kinda figured that you would disagree. like i said, it seemed like lots of people were having a good time. glad you enjoyed it. it was good getting together with all yall before the show. we had quite a crowd, didnt we?

  3. Man, I was at this show. I thought everything was great. I love both bands and I was definately groovin to f&m. i thought pb&j were as good as could be, and were on point in just about every song. maybe it was just because i was in a really good mood and in a good part of the crowd.

  4. it could have been an off night for me. as i looked around, it seemed that most people were having a good time.

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