now thats more like it

05.05.07 arcade fire / the national @ tower theater, philadelphia.

saturday night saw the return of arcade fire to the philadelphia area and i must say, they did not disappoint. from the beginning to the end arcade came with it.

the stage was adorned with a big “neon” bible, 5 or so video screens, a giant organ, and some cool red lights. as the tower house lights came down, the video screens played the scene of a women preacher speaking the “word of god”. just as the preacher women was able to hype up the congregation in her church, the video did the same for the congregation at the tower. arcade fire then rushed on stage to play an inspired, hour plus long, heavily “neon bible” influenced, set.

after finishing the first song ‘black mirror’, win initiated one of the coolest moments in live music that i have ever witnessed. he stated (something to the extent of), “again with the fuckin’ tickets, it’s ok, get down here, everybody – get down here”. and with that, the crowd poured from their seats to fill the bottom portion of the venue. from my vantage point on the balcony, this was a most incredible scene.

from that moment on, the show went to another level and never looked back. there were many factors to this show that made it great. the stage looked very cool with the lighting and the video, the band seemed very tight and very into the show and the crowd was on point. the video screens with thier live black and white shots of the band made it seem like some old 50’s video or ‘american bandstand’ or some shit, very cool. win was great with the crowd, telling stories of his past trip to the ‘church’ a few years back. regine was all over the place having a good time. and the rest of the band followed suit. overall, this show was a very good time.     

setlist – courtesy of us kids know. pictures courtesy of chriszak, thanks man! see more of his pictures here.

black mirror, no cars go, neighborhood #2 (laika), haiti, black wave / bad vibrations, neon bible, windowsill, the well and the lighthouse, ocean of noise, (antichrist television blues), neighborhood #3 (power out), rebellion (lies)

encore – keep the car running, intervention


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One Response to “now thats more like it”

  1. Great show, I wwas sitting in row K and ended up in OO, but no “Wake up”!

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