i’m starting to wonder

i am really starting to wonder if brooklyn really exists. due to some unforeseen and shitty circumstances, i was unable to make it up to brooklyn this weekend to see lcd soundsystem. i have been wanting to check out brooklyn for years now and every time the opportunity presents itself something comes up and changes plans. lost in the shuffle of the this “mythical” wonderland we call brooklyn is the fact that i missed the chance to see lcd soundsystem for the second time now. here is hoping he decides to play philly soon.

anyway, on the the subject at hand.

the twilight sad.

g.f.o.m. friend dusty b. turned me on to these guys a few months back. at first i was having a hard time getting into the band, but over the past few days i have started to understand where dus is coming from.

the twilight sad, a glasgow, scotland, four piece, have recently released an album “fourteen autumns and fifteen winters” that has been burning up my ipod lately. i must admit, that at first, i was a bit thrown by the distinctive scottish accent of the lead singer but now i am beginning to really enjoy this aspect of the band. my lame comparison of the band is that twilight sad are the scottish wrens (i know horrible). other than that, i do not know much more about this band, so i am looking forward to devoting more time to their new album and checking them out as they hit the stage for the pitchfork festival this summer. until then a good song by the band, enjoy!

twilight sad – cold days from the birdhouse.mp3 


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/05/12.

2 Responses to “i’m starting to wonder”

  1. Good call on the alberta cross record….GREAT!!!…but only 7 tracks?

  2. glad you like the cross, good stuff huh!

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