old habbits


over the past few days, i have been listening to some older music…namely ‘stars’ and ‘caribou’. which got me thinking, what are these bands up to? well it turns out, a whole lot.

according to arts and crafts the stars are working on a new album that is slated for a fall 2007 release. also, torquil campbell (star’s vocalist) has a side project by the name of ‘memphis‘. on top of that, the band will release a sort of “remix” collection of the fantastic album “set yourself on fire”. collaborators include (final fantasy, junior boys, and the russian futurists, etc. so be sure to check that one out! and if have not listened to the stars in a while, do yourself a favor and set yourself on fire again in 2007.

after listening to caribou’s album “the milk of human kindness” the other day, i started to get the caribou itch. it has been a long time since we here at g.f.o.m., experienced the greatness that is a caribou live show. lucky for us, there is a new album in the works, which means a tour cannot be too far way. the album is titled “andorra” and is set for release on aug 21st. according to caribou’s website, the track listing is something like this…

01 melody day
02 sandy
03 after hours
04 she’s the one
05 desiree
06 eli
07 sundialing
08 irene
09 niobe

caribou goes on to explain that he is “madly excited” about the new disc. he also states that jeremy greenspan of the junior boys makes an appearance on the album. can’t wait.

i am still working on getting the mp3s back up and running, until then go here and here to check out some tunes.


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/05/15.

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