8 new york bands you need to hear

if you were not already overwhelmed with the shear amount of new music that has been released thus far in 2007, L magazine has published an interesting article on 8 ny bands you need to hear. you can check out the whole article here.

over the past couple of days, i have had the opportunity to check out a few of these bands through their myspace pages. i have to say that some of the bands have some definite potential. so keep your eye out. click on the band name to check out a few of their tunes, as i have linked to their myspace pages. let me know what you think.

vampire weekend * my favorite so far, i have been listening to this band for the past few weeks and like what i hear. although the song “cape cod kwassa kwa” mentions peter gabriel, i think of more of simon and garfunkel. lofty comparison i know.
frances first impressions…has a definative poppy style. girl and guy singers.
jealous girlfriends
my teenage stride
muggabears apparently these guys are thom york’s favorite new band. so far so good for me. i hear a little bit of sonic youth in em.
she keeps bees
white rabbits
bear hands


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/05/21.

2 Responses to “8 new york bands you need to hear”

  1. […] about a year ago, i did a post about L magazine’s 8 nyc bands you need to hear. […]

  2. I go to New York next month.NY Please tell me your favorites!

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