best rapper alive

lil wayne boasts in many of his songs that he is the best rapper alive, i am inclined to believe him. now, i am not going to pretend that i have been a fan of wayne for all that long. i basically started listening to him after “dedication 2“. but after listening to that album and checking out his new “da drought 3”, it is hard to deny that lil wayne is not one of the best.

he is always coming with some witty ass lyrics and is usually backed by some really nice beats. case in point ‘sportcenter’ on “dedication 2” where wayne kicks it about his favorite tv. show and sports in general while rapping over a beat made by the “sound effects” of a tennis game. (((dope))) and then there is my personal favorite from the album ‘walk it off’, great production and lyrics, personified.

on his new mixtape “da drought 3”, wayne spits over some popular beats and some originals all the while keeping me thinking that he aint lying when he says i’m the best.

lil wayne – dough is what i got.mp3

~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/05/23.

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