Dali - Music - The Red Orchestra - The Seven Arts, 1944  

this week we are going back a few years for the entries (yes, two this week) for the movement.

i have been listening to alot of page france lately, with the release of their new album “…and the family telephone” and my jonze(in) for their excellent album “hello dear wind”. in going back and listening to “hello dear wind”, i began to realize (again), how much i love the song windy. it’s excellent and it’s the latest song on the movement. windy by page france.

also this week (inspired by their excellent live set @ brendas, the rosebuds make the movement. but we are going old school with this selection as well. it was great last night and it is one of the best from their album “birds make good neighbors”, blue bird by the rosebuds

groovin’ to the movement – tracklist

01. enon – knock that door.mp3

02. can – mushroom.mp3

03. grizzly bear – knife (girl talk remix).mp3

04. matt and kim – 5k.mp3

05. fujiya & miyagi – transparent things.mp3

06. fruitbats – need it just a little.mp3

07. muscles – ice cream.mp3

08. patrick wolf – magic position.mp3

09. malajube – e’tienne d’aout.mp3

10.teenagers – homecoming.mp3

11. ghostland observatory – sad sad city.mp3 

12. page france – windy.mp3

13. rosebuds – blue bird.mp3

***don’t forget that you can stream all of these songs by clicking on the groovin’ to the movement link on the right sidebar of the site.***

~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/05/24.

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