t. pendergrass and the rosebuds

05.23.07 rosebuds @ johnny brendas philadelphia.

rosebuds 1

rosebuds 2

rosebuds 3

rosebuds 4

rosebuds 5

as you can probably tell, we did not have our usual professional photographers to help us with the pictures last night. instead i did the dirty work myself and came out with some “ok” pictures. the show itself was however a lot better than the pictures i took.

i have attend a string of really good show lately (spoon, national, y arcade fire) and the rosebuds can now be added to the list. i thought the show was incredible except for a few audio issues (the vocals seemed low in spots), but overall it was a very nice show. the buds played a lively set that lasted over an hour and included some really old ones (pre “birds”, some old ones (“birds make good neighbors”) and some new ones (“night of furies”). unfortunately i do not have the setlist but i know they played these (hold hands and fight, boxcar, blue birds, shake our tree, cemetery lawns, i better run, get up get out (the dance song), when the lights dim, night of furies) and they played many more. so as you can see, as a rosebuds fan you got your moneys worth on this one.

the band was on point and seemed to be having a lot of fun throughout the set. they were very talkative and tried to interact with a very subdued brendas crowd. at one point, ivan even broke into a teddy pendergrass song that once upon a time he wooed his now wife and band-mate with. pretty funny stuff. all things considered (a fun band, funny stage presence, good music, and a great set) all added up to a good time.

~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/05/24.

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