tell me where it all went wrong

at the end of last year, i was very surprised to see camera obscura on gordon lightfoot’s year end music list. mr. foot thought that the camera obscura album “let’s get out of this country” was the 13th best album of 2006. which was interesting because i knew about most of the other artists and albums on his list. i was familiar with camera obscura as a band but not very versed on their music. it was not until 2007 that i picked up their album and started to understand how good it was.

over the past week or two (now keep in mind we are in may of 2007), i have listened to “let’s get out of this country” three or four times. i am truly amazed at how good this album is. it seems to get better and better each time i listen too it, maybe due to the oldies vibe i get from the disc, the interesting, heartfelt and catchy lyrics, or the general grooving nature of the album. i am not really sure, i just know that it is good.

camera obscura will be making their way to philadelphia over the summer. they will be playing the tla on 08.22.07, armed with a new single ‘tears for affairs’. you can check um out here. and a new song for your listening pleasure…

camera obscura – last song.mp3

**as always yall, the mp3’s are for evaluation purposes only. if you like the songs, go support the artists by buying their warez.


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/05/30.

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