interpol in atlantic city

as we reported a few weeks ago, interpol will be playing atlantic city on friday 07.20.07. tickets for the show go on sale this saturday @ 10 am. i am thinking that i really want to go to this show, hopefully i will have a few of you to join me. let me know if you are interested and be on the lookout for the new interpol album dropping on 07.10.07. one of their new songs, ‘heinrich maneuver’ is now streaming on their myspace page.


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/05/31.

3 Responses to “interpol in atlantic city”

  1. Glynn, I think I will want to try and get to this show. Should we all get online again to see what we can get?

    Also, with the new arrival, if I possibly can’t go hopefully we can find someone to buy my ticket?


  2. yeah man, i think we should all try to get 2 tickets. if need be i am sure you could sell them.

  3. damn, that was some sort of adventure! my internet crapped out on me right when i went to get tickets, lucky for me it came back on aand i secured 2 tickets to the show. this is going to be so cool. seeing interpol in a casino in ac in which the venue holds only 1,000 seats. cannot wait!

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