it’s about time


today, i had the opportunity to check out a few albums that i highly anticipated yet highly neglected so far this year. earlier in the year, when i became aware that there would be a new bright eyes and a new wilco album released on ’07, i was very excited.

but, as i have stated before, there is just so much music out there these days that it is hard to digest all of it. such was the case with “cassadaga” and “sky blue sky”. after i read the disappointing reviews of both albums (here, here, and here), i neglected to take the time to listen to these albums. today, everything changed.

bright eyes – cassadaga
i am not sure that i agree with the so-so reviews of this album. it sounds pretty awesome to me. i found my self singing along and grooving to it on my first full listen. maybe it is not “i’m wide awake…”, but it is good. so check it out, man!

bright eyes – mushaboom (feist cover).mp3

wilco – sky blue sky
now this one, i was not really digging first time around. i can understand the reviews because everyone is hoping and sort of expecting another “yankee hotel…” “sky blue sky” is definitely not it. i had this sneaking suspicion that i was listening to phish at times. over all it is not bad, but it also leaves us wanting more from one of the best bands in the biz.

which got me thinking
what albums have “you” neglected this year. i am curious to know. drop me a comment.


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/05/31.

2 Responses to “it’s about time”

  1. Def. Cassadaga…although I just picked up Blue Sky Blue and I’ve been enjoying it, more reminiscent of A.M. with less overt country influences. Then again I can’t imagine popping this album in when I feel like rocking Wilco ya know? I’m more of a Being There guy myself.

    Glynnie I hear about playing catch up. I just got Grizzly Bear’s Yellow House and Stars’s Set Yourself on Fire… those came out years ago…

  2. word. i know grizzly bear is a good album, have had it for a long time but only have listened to it a handful of times. so much music not enought time.

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