showered and blue blazered

06.02.07 the national @ johnny brendas, philadelphia.






last night, the whole crew hit the town for the b.i birthday extravaganza / national show. the evening kicked off in strong fashion with dinner and lots of drinks at the standard tap (it was our first time in philly, or course) (billips i am going to get you back for that dinner plate episode…that b.o was real bad). later, we moved to the lower level of brendas for some more debauchery and a few good tunes on the juke box before we hit the upper level of the club to see the show.

when we entered, the place was mobbed with people in true sold out fashion. we all scrambled for a good spot to check out the show which was a tough endeavor. we all ended up watching the show in separate spaces. in my opinion the show, the band, and the set were very nice but i was totally uncomfortable throughout most of the set, due to the heat. because of this and being separated from all my pals, the show was not as good as it could have been.

as for the national. they kicked it with an nice and long set that was comprised of many tunes off of “alligator” and a good amount of new ones. overall a nice mix. the set list according to the national message board

1 start a war
2 brainy
3 secret meeting
4 baby we’ll be fine
5 slow show
6 racing like a pro
7 lit up
8 squalor victoria
9 mistaken for strangers
10 wasp nest
11 the geese of beverly road
12 daughters of the soho riots
13 ada
14 apartment story
15 fake empire
16 mr. november

17 abel
18 about today

highlights for me included (wasp nest, the geese of beverly road, daughters of the soho riots, apartment story (which sounded different then the album version), mr november, and about today). the more i get to see these guys (pitchfork 06′, opener for arcade fire, and @ brendas) the more they are becoming one of my very favorite bands.


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3 Responses to “showered and blue blazered”

  1. the heat was definitely a bit overwhelming and from the side the vocals were a bit low, but they had a hella set… and for the drunk azzez on the side it was a blast. more pics to come of std. tap.

  2. turn up the vocals.

  3. damn, what a bunch of good looking mofo’s

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