let me introduce myself

hello all. my name is laura and i am new to the greaterfreedomofmovement blog. if you are a regular to this blog you may remember bryan’s post about the starlight ballroom spoon show: ga ga ga ga ga
this mysterious man whom you all know as bryan, found me through flickr and asked me if he could use the pictures i took at spoon for greaterfreedomofmovement. eventually he asked me to be a part of this with photo contributions and such. which, might i add, i am pretty stoked about. i am naturally inclined to take photos where ever i go. i’m not saying im awesome i’m just saying its something i love to do.

i’ll give you a quick run down: i’m female. i’m 21. i have one year of school left in graphic design and photography. i intern at gyro worldwide in philla on 13th and sansom. i work in atlantic city the rest of the time. there is much more i could say but i don’t want to bore you all. i am going to bring some sexy flavor to this blog with my thoughts, comments, reviews and of course photos for your viewing pleasure. yeah you.


i will be posting very soon with songs for you to give a listen/discuss. until then. keep it real in ’95.


~ by nunzination on 2007/06/05.

2 Responses to “let me introduce myself”

  1. hey laura, so very nice to have you a part of the team! glad to see someone is keepin it real around here.

  2. Glad you joined the party, Laura. I’m always down for kickin new flavor in the ear.

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