06.05.06 bloc party @ the tower, philadelphia.

the contingent was in attendance at the bloc party show this past tuesday night. the set started a bit late due to some “technical difficulties” so we were sitting in the presence of a very young crowd for what seemed like a long time. mr lightfoot felt that he was a chaperone on a high school field trip. but when bloc party hit the stage we all forgot about the wait and proceeded to witness a good show.

with a nice mix of new ones and old ones, bloc party ripped though a hour plus set that did not disappoint. according to the setlist went as follows…

song for clay / positive tension / hunting for witches / waiting for the 7.18 / banquet / this modern love / the prayer / two more years / uniform / so here we are / like eating glass

i still remember / she’s hearing voices / sunday / helicopter

the pioneers

the setlist seems pretty accurate but i do remember hearing ‘little thoughts’, which was my personal highlight of the show. other cool moments included the band’s use of two drum sets for the song ‘sunday’ and when kele left the stage and wandered out into the crowd during ‘helicopter’ (i believe it was ‘helicopter’). it seemed that the guys were really into the show and that they were having fun up there, which made the show an enjoyable experience.

i must say, however, that i have not been able to get into bloc party’s new record “a weekend in the city”, so i was a bit lost when they played their new tunes. but overall the band’s energy was great and the music sounded really good. i am going to make sure that i go back and try to give “a weekend in the city” a fair shot.

**shot out to matt freelove over at bm rant for the pictures. you can check out some more of them here and be sure to check out his excellent blog over here.

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