the balloon is landing in phila. again

a few months back, i was debating whether to see modest mouse, peter bjorn and john or sunset rubdown because they were all playing on the same night. i passed up on modest mouse and sunset rubdown in order to see pb&j and ended up being disappointed in my decision. at that time i was banking on the thought that modest mouse would come back through town sometime in the summer. turns out that they will be.

modest mouse will be playing the festival pier at penn’s landing on friday august 19th. the pre-sale for the show will take place 06.13.07 and the regular sale 06.16.07. i am going to try not to miss this one. let me know if your interested.


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/06/07.

3 Responses to “the balloon is landing in phila. again”

  1. band of horses are the openers for this show

  2. i went, i saw it, and it was probably one of their better ones seeing as they played quite a few older songs, and it there were a few jam endings

  3. great show, except the second opening performance which was really lame, better than the may show @ the electric factory and the virgin festival by far

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